Our first introduction to the Art and Design In Context 2 talked about what we were going to be doing for the 12 weeks of the course. Before the lesson we were all asked to create a twitter account and follow the #GAMSWEN which will keep us updated through the 12 week course. During the course we will have a series of lectures from both our main course tutor Dr Mark Ingham and guest lecturers from all different aspects of the digital media industry. During these informative and important lectures it our task to record the lectures using any recording mediums and at the end of the course produce a series of articles about it in a magazine formats, online pdfs or using blogs after which we will need research on specific topics covered during the lectures and produce 300 word articles for each lecture. Also for this course we will need to choose one topic and write 1500 words based on it and this will be our main featured article in our magazine.

Initially I decided to create a nice, simple flash interface that showed all the records of the lectures or even try my hands at making a nice interactive pdf in flash. I’m still looking and researching forms and mediums in which recorded information can be delivered digitally and I came across interesting ways. But I really thing using a blog to present these records throughout the whole course will really do fine. I might still change my mind as I go along hey I might even decide to do it in InDesign and print out a nice booklet or use it as a nice online pdf. I think I will experiment and see what ideas I can think of. This should be an enjoyable project and am really looking forward to hearing from other guest lectures.


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